[Opm] Flow UNRST binary file format

bobmerrill at mersep.com bobmerrill at mersep.com
Thu Feb 9 15:32:29 UTC 2017

Dear OPM Mailing List:

Where can I find the binary format for the UNRST file?  Resinsight is a
good visualisation tool, but if I want to use Flow for numerical well
testing, I need to extract the pressures of a block (or blocks) for every
timestep and output the same to a well testing application.

The “Results” pane in Resinsight provides a plot of the selected cell’s
property vs. time, but I need to create a text file of that data with
(time, value) pairs.  I need the time values to be output with a precision
of 1E-5 to 1E-4 days (approximately 1-10 seconds) for near wellbore

Once I get the binary format, I’ll write a Perl or Python script to read
it and extract the necessary data.  I'd be happy to share it, if it works.

Many thanks.


Bob Merrill

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