[Opm] Explicitly setting the initial solution of EBOS.

Andreas Lauser and at poware.org
Fri Jul 28 14:41:32 UTC 2017

Hi Joakim,

it looks like you modify copies of the objects which are actually used by the 
simulator. I can't be too sure because the file which you attached is 


On Donnerstag, 27. Juli 2017 16:15:32 CEST Joakim R. Andersen wrote:
> Hi, all.
> I am trying to calculate the numerical Jacobian of the reservoir residuals
> w.r.t. the initial state. To do this I need to replace the initial solution
> of EBOS with a perturbed one. I've been trying for a while, and I am
> getting nowhere.
> I've attached the code. It is placed at the end of "nonlinearIteration" in
> "BlackoilModelEbos.hpp":
> if (!report.converged) { ... }
> else {
> // all the code goes here.
> }
> I've also made the "nonlinearIteration" take the initial reservoir state as
> an input. Thus, we have both the final state and the initial state when the
> "else"-case is invoked.
> Setting the initial solution as done in the attachment does not work. How
> can I pass this information further such that the "linearize()" function
> (the one that calculates the residuals and the Jacobian in EBOS) will be
> affected?
> Let me be more precise. The code runs, and the initial solution is set, but
> the "linearize()" function are not aware of the change.
> Best regards,
> Joakim R. Andersen

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