[Opm] Latest docker image of openporousmedia/opmreleases

Atgeirr Rasmussen Atgeirr.Rasmussen at sintef.no
Fri Jun 15 12:59:34 UTC 2018

Dear Mr. Salem,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I have updated the repository at Dockerhub, and it should now be possible to refer to the "2018.04" version explicitly, also the "latest" tag now points to that version.


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Emne: [Opm] Latest docker image of openporousmedia/opmreleases

I am new to OPM, so I just tried running flow in a docker container following the tutorial at opm-project.org<https://opm-project.org/cgi-bin/mailman/options/opm/salem%40equinor.comhttps:/opm-project.org/?page_id=853&page=1>. Runing ‘flow’ within the docker container on the Norne dataset I noticed the ‘flow_ebos’ string in the header of the output that apparently indicates I am running an older (2017.04). I thought that

  sudo docker pull openporousmedia/opmreleases

pulled the latest (2018.04) image with docker so I wonder what am I missing. Any idea?


Note: To be sure I just rerun it with the ‘latest’ tag:

[lazaro at NAS:~]$ sudo docker pull openporousmedia/opmreleases:latest


latest: Pulling from openporousmedia/opmreleases

Digest: sha256:70d0242fa9cd23224f33b573b12bc54322b9423b02c0a2c3002d97d655ec5a80

Status: Image is up to date for openporousmedia/opmreleases:latest

[lazaro at NAS:~]$

Best regards,


Lazaro Daniel Salem
Principal Engineer Reservoir Technology
Equinor ASA

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