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In this case the manual is somewhat incomplete or possibly misleading.  Item 4 of WELLDIMS really is both the maximum number of wells in a group *and* the maximum number of child groups in a group.  The first applies to groups that "own"/contain wells and the latter applies to groups that "own"/contain other groups.

On the other hand, in your case all groups other than the implicit FIELD group contain exactly one child item so in this case it's only the FIELD group that happens to have two child items.  I suppose FIELD could be treated as a special case (e.g., by inferring the maximum size from the declared maximum number of groups in the run), but then outputting group-related results will be more complicated.  The output protocol requires that each group records its child groups (or contained wells) in an integer array and that array has to be sized according to the maximum group size (number of child wells or child groups).

I hope this helps.  In the short term we're not going to be able to change this, so I suggest raising the fourth item of WELLDIMS in this model.


Bård Skaflestad

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Has the usage of WELDIMS changed in the recent version of flow?

I have a simple quarter 5 spot model where injector, "INJ", is placed on one corner and producer "PROD" on the other of a square model (5 x 5 x 3 cells).
PROD is added to group G1 and INJ is added to group G2 in WELLSPECS. Both wells are completed vertically over the three layers.

I would expect WELLDIMS to be set up as:

-- Maximum well/connection/group values
--     #wells  #cons/w  #grps  #wells/grp
--     ------  -------  -----  ----------
         2       3         2       1  /

-- Location of wellhead and pressure gauge
--      Well  Well   Location   BHP    Pref.
--      name  group   I    J   datum   phase
--     -----  ----    -    -   -----   -----
        PROD   G1     1    1    8000    OIL  /
        INJ    G2     5    5    8000    WATER /
-- Completion interval
--      Well   Location  Interval  Status           Well
--      name    I    J    K1  K2   O or S            ID
--      ----    -    -    --  --   ------          ------
        PROD    1    1     1   3      OPEN     2*      0.667  /
       INJ     5    5     1   3      OPEN     2*      0.667  /

This is what worked in the previous version of flow that I ran (18.10) and in ECLIPSE. I still have 18.10 installed on a virtual machine.

Now I get the error message:
Error: Run uses maximum group size of 2, but allocates at most 1 in RUNSPEC section.  Increase item 4 of WELLDIMS accordingly.
Failed to create valid EclipseState object.
Exception caught: RUNSPEC_GROUPSIZE_TOO_LARGE: Run uses maximum group size of 2, but allocates at most 1 in RUNSPEC section.  Increase item 4 of WELLDIMS accordingly.

All is fine if I set the fourth item of WELDIMS to 2 for the number of groups but it should be possible to set it to 1 as there is one well per group.

Is this a bug? The latest manual for 19.10 states that the 4th item is the "maximum number of wells that can belong to a group".

It seems as if MXGRPS and MXGRPW are being confused?


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