[Opm] adding custom cell data to output and visualize it.

Alf Birger Rustad abir at statoil.com
Tue Jul 12 11:25:12 UTC 2016

For debug purposes, you can trick it by replacing one of the output vectors with your custom vector when output is written. Currently, we only have a fixed set of vectors written out, you will find them here:

If you use the trick above, you should be able to visualize it directly from the simulation. Alternatively, you can just print your custom vector to some file (in ASCII), and place it as one of the properties in the input grdecl file (that is where the grid is given on the input side), for instance put it under PERMY. Resinsight will happily open up the grdecl file as input with various cell properties included.

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let us imagine that I have a custom vector containing data attached to
the cells. Is there a way to output this data in addition to the
default values to eclipse output? How?

I assume that such an additional field can be easily visualized with
ResInsight or am I wrong?

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