[Opm] Greetings & compile questions

Richard Huntrods huntrods at athabascau.ca
Wed Jul 13 16:16:22 UTC 2016


My name is Richard Huntrods, currently on Vancouver Island Canada. My 
background is in Chemical Engineering (B.Sc. & M.Eng.). I spent 5+ years 
in the 1980's writing reservoir simulators for a few companies in 
Alberta, Canada. Since then I moved into consulting, then full-time 
teaching. I'm currently teaching Computer Science at Athabasca 
University - a distance education university in Alberta.

I have always been interested in reservoir simulation, and recently have 
begun compiling and using the FLOW simulator from the OPM project.

I have successfully compiled and used the OPM suite on Ubuntu 14.04 as 
per the build guidelines. I also have kept detailed notes of my process, 
from starting VirtualBox on a Windows 7 PC through installing Ubuntu 
14.04 and then obtaining and building the OPM sources. I also wrote a 
few shell scripts to help automate the process and have confirmed it a 
few times with clean builds.

I would be willing to share my documents and scripts if desired.

I'm now in the process of building OPM from source on Ubuntu 16.04. I 
*almost* works. With a few minor changes required in dependency 
packages, I have been able to get all the sources  compiled and running. 
However, there's a problem with FLOW - it won't recognize many of the 
output keywords such as ECHO, NOECHO, RPTSCHED from the SPE test cases, 
and many more in the Norne test case. I am sure it's a missing 
dependency in the Eclipse input code, but have not yet isolated it.

I am wondering who is currently working on compiling under Ubuntu 16.04 
and whether or not they would be willing to share any tips and problems 
they may already have seen and diagnosed. I'd be very willing to 
contribute to this process.

Thanks in advance, and again welcome to everyone.

-Richard Huntrods, P.Eng.

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