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Richard Huntrods huntrods at athabascau.ca
Wed Jul 13 16:55:15 UTC 2016


There was one significant change to my compile procedure for Ubuntu 
14.04. First, allow me to briefly explain my scripts and then the change 
I made:

opm-source.sh - gets all the opm sources using git.
opm-depends.sh - uses apt-get install to install all the dependencies 
required to compile opm sources.
opm-ert.sh - gets ert source and compiles & installs it.
opm-make.sh - compiles & installs the opm sources (except for resinsight).

Here's where things differ between Ubuntu 14.04 and Ubuntu 16.04

When I ran the opm-depends.sh script, I found the error file showed two 
problems that weren't problems with Ubuntu 14.04:
  1. libboost1.55 not found; manually search for newer (apt search 
libboost | grep libboost) and install:  sudo apt-get install 
  2. libumfpack5.6.2 not found; manually search for newer (apt search 
libumfpack | grep libumfpack) and install:  sudo apt-get install 
     However,  apt-get replies libumfpack5.7.1 is already the newest 
version, so really don’t need to do this step.

Once I installed the latest libboost-dev-all, the rest of the compile 
process for OPM proceeded without any problems  that I could see. FLOW 
was created in /usr/local/bin, and it ran.

However, as I said in my prior email, the output keywords are not 

Note: I compile ResInsight in a separate set of shell scripts (but 
similar to those above):
res-source.sh - get the ResInsight sources using git
oct-depends.sh - apt-get install the dependencies to compile octave
oct-make.sh - compile & install octave
res-make.sh - compile & install ResInsight


-Richard Huntrods, P.Eng.

On 7/13/2016 9:18 AM, Robert Walker wrote:
> Could you please share what changes you took in order to get OPM to 
> compile in 16.04? I have tried repeatedly, always to no avail.
> Thank you,
> Robert Walker
> Robert L. Walker
> MS Petroleum Engineering
> Mork Family Department of Chemicals and Materials Sciences
> University of Southern California
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> rlwalker at usc.edu <mailto:rlwalker at usc.edu>
> On Wed, Jul 13, 2016 at 11:16 AM, Richard Huntrods 
> <huntrods at athabascau.ca <mailto:huntrods at athabascau.ca>> wrote:
>     Greetings!
>     My name is Richard Huntrods, currently on Vancouver Island Canada.
>     My background is in Chemical Engineering (B.Sc. & M.Eng.). I spent
>     5+ years in the 1980's writing reservoir simulators for a few
>     companies in Alberta, Canada. Since then I moved into consulting,
>     then full-time teaching. I'm currently teaching Computer Science
>     at Athabasca University - a distance education university in Alberta.
>     I have always been interested in reservoir simulation, and
>     recently have begun compiling and using the FLOW simulator from
>     the OPM project.
>     I have successfully compiled and used the OPM suite on Ubuntu
>     14.04 as per the build guidelines. I also have kept detailed notes
>     of my process, from starting VirtualBox on a Windows 7 PC through
>     installing Ubuntu 14.04 and then obtaining and building the OPM
>     sources. I also wrote a few shell scripts to help automate the
>     process and have confirmed it a few times with clean builds.
>     I would be willing to share my documents and scripts if desired.
>     I'm now in the process of building OPM from source on Ubuntu
>     16.04. I *almost* works. With a few minor changes required in
>     dependency packages, I have been able to get all the sources 
>     compiled and running. However, there's a problem with FLOW - it
>     won't recognize many of the output keywords such as ECHO, NOECHO,
>     RPTSCHED from the SPE test cases, and many more in the Norne test
>     case. I am sure it's a missing dependency in the Eclipse input
>     code, but have not yet isolated it.
>     I am wondering who is currently working on compiling under Ubuntu
>     16.04 and whether or not they would be willing to share any tips
>     and problems they may already have seen and diagnosed. I'd be very
>     willing to contribute to this process.
>     Thanks in advance, and again welcome to everyone.
>     -Richard Huntrods, P.Eng.
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