[Opm] Greetings & compile questions

Ming Liu liuming1035 at gmail.com
Thu Jul 14 01:59:22 UTC 2016

Hi Richard,

If I understand you  correctly, you have already been built and run FLOW,
that means you don't have any issue related to the compile and linker.
The only issue is that when you running flow, some messages are output in
the terminal saying that
Error: Keyword 'NOECHO' is not supported by flow.
In file /home/liuming/work/opm/opm-data/norne/NORNE_ATW2013.DATA, line 143

Error: Keyword 'SPECGRID' is not supported by flow.
In file
/home/liuming/work/opm/opm-data/norne/INCLUDE/GRID/IRAP_1005.GRDECL, line 10
But after these keywords, flow is still running, right?

Probably the confused thing is that these kinds of messages did not show
before, that's because we introduce these messages early this week,  that
is this PR https://github.com/OPM/opm-simulators/pull/756.

But regarding ubuntu 16.04, there is a potential issue could lead to the
failure of the build process, please check  issue here

Best regards,

Liu Ming

2016-07-14 9:45 GMT+08:00 Richard Huntrods <huntrods at athabascau.ca>:

> Hi Liu,
> I understand.
> I'm not talking about Eclipse keywords that are not in the Ubuntu 14.04
> version today.   I am talking about keywords that work today in flow
> compiled on ubuntu 14.04 but are missing when you compile the same exact
> source code in Ubuntu 16.04.  Keywords like ECHO and NOECHO.
> Something in the ubuntu 16.04 build process isn't compiling or linking
> everything correctly. I am currently diggin deeper to see which
> dependencies have changed between 14.04 and 16.04.
> I do know there's an issue with libtool. It's not installed by default in
> Ubuntu 16.04 but was in Ubunty 14.04. Worse, when you install it in 16.04,
> somehow it's not where Cmake wants it to be, which I am sure is affecting
> the build / link process. I'm tracking that down.
> There are also different (newer) versions of dependencies between ubuntu
> 14.04 and ubuntu 16.04:
>   libumfpack5.6.2 (now libumfpack5.7.1 in ubuntu 16.04)
>   libboost1.55-dev-all (now libboost1.58-dev-all in ubuntu 16.04)
>   and  libsuperlu3-dev (now libsuperlu-dev in ubuntu 16.04)
>   Finally, C++ is installed by default in Ubuntu 16.04 at version 5, not
> 4.7.
> The problem for me is that it's a very complex build process, and trying
> to figure out which new dependency library is causing the compile process
> to hiccup is difficult. However, I'm working away at it.
> Cheers,
> -Richard
> On 7/13/2016 5:59 PM, Ming Liu wrote:
> Hi Richard,
> I think what kai said is very clear, recently we are working on the
> improvement of the print file, that is .PRT file,  we believe this will
> give the user clear messages that some keywords are not supported by flow
> currently, that's why you can see lots of output.  I'm sorry this output
> brings you the trouble, but do not worry, nothing changed in the source
> code about summary file and restart file, you can still check results with
> any visualization tools you like, such as resinsight.
> Best regards,
> Liu Ming
> 2016-07-14 0:16 GMT+08:00 Richard Huntrods <huntrods at athabascau.ca>:
>> Greetings!
>> My name is Richard Huntrods, currently on Vancouver Island Canada. My
>> background is in Chemical Engineering (B.Sc. & M.Eng.). I spent 5+ years in
>> the 1980's writing reservoir simulators for a few companies in Alberta,
>> Canada. Since then I moved into consulting, then full-time teaching. I'm
>> currently teaching Computer Science at Athabasca University - a distance
>> education university in Alberta.
>> I have always been interested in reservoir simulation, and recently have
>> begun compiling and using the FLOW simulator from the OPM project.
>> I have successfully compiled and used the OPM suite on Ubuntu 14.04 as
>> per the build guidelines. I also have kept detailed notes of my process,
>> from starting VirtualBox on a Windows 7 PC through installing Ubuntu 14.04
>> and then obtaining and building the OPM sources. I also wrote a few shell
>> scripts to help automate the process and have confirmed it a few times with
>> clean builds.
>> I would be willing to share my documents and scripts if desired.
>> I'm now in the process of building OPM from source on Ubuntu 16.04. I
>> *almost* works. With a few minor changes required in dependency packages, I
>> have been able to get all the sources  compiled and running. However,
>> there's a problem with FLOW - it won't recognize many of the output
>> keywords such as ECHO, NOECHO, RPTSCHED from the SPE test cases, and many
>> more in the Norne test case. I am sure it's a missing dependency in the
>> Eclipse input code, but have not yet isolated it.
>> I am wondering who is currently working on compiling under Ubuntu 16.04
>> and whether or not they would be willing to share any tips and problems
>> they may already have seen and diagnosed. I'd be very willing to contribute
>> to this process.
>> Thanks in advance, and again welcome to everyone.
>> -Richard Huntrods, P.Eng.
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