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Ogi Oogii ochirbat.b.b at gmail.com
Tue Feb 4 02:59:40 UTC 2020

Hi Karl,

It was not available as I installed it from the binary package same as you.
As mentioned by Torbjørn, the summary application works with the module
opm-common. After having tried couple of other things, I have installed the
module in addition from source and the summary application worked. However,
it is apparently not the recommended way. On
https://opm-project.org/?page_id=231, it says "Also, while it is possible
to have installed binary package versions of OPM modules on your system at
the same time that you build/use OPM from source, it is a typical source of
hard-to-find errors. We therefore recommend that you uninstall the opm
binary packages before you start building from source." . So, the
alternative would be to compile/build the whole thing from source. In this
case, you automatically have opm-common installed and the summary
application works too.

My belated thanks to Torbjørn and Atgeirr.

Hope it helps.

Am So., 2. Feb. 2020 um 03:55 Uhr schrieb Stephen, Karl D <
K.D.Stephen at hw.ac.uk>:

> Hi,
> I'd like to follow up on a previous post about ecl_summary.
> I have installed Ubuntu 18.04 onto Windows 10 directly from the Microsoft
> Store following:
> https://www.windowscentral.com/how-install-linux-distros-windows-10
> I then installed the latest version of OPM using:
> https://opm-project.org/?page_id=245
> Flow works fine.
> I can't seem to find either summary or ecl_summary.
> Looking at libecl, it seems they are both in there. I've downloaded libecl
> but I'm still working on using cmake to create ecl_summary (or summary).
> Is summary supposed to be available by default in the new version? The
> replies to Ogi seemed to suggest it but I'm not finding it.
> Karl
> Hello Ogi I'm not familiar with the application ecl_summary. However there
> is one new small application summary which you may use instead This is
> being built with opm-common. Use -h to get help on how to use this
> application. Kindly Torbjørn Skille bash-4.2$ summary -h summary needs a
> minimum of two arguments. First is smspec filename and then list of vectors
> In addition, the program takes these options (which must be given before
> the arguments): -h Print help and exit. -l list all summary vectors. -r
> extract data only for report steps. Fra: Opm <opm-bounces at
> opm-project.org<https://opm-project.org/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/opm
> ><mailto:opm-bounces at opm-project.org<
> https://opm-project.org/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/opm>>> på vegne av Ogi
> Oogii <ochirbat.b.b at gmail.com<
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> Emne: [Opm] ecl_summary Hi All, I have been using OPM running in a VM and
> exported the results using "ecl_summary" command without any problems
> (until June this year). Now, although I can run simulations using "flow"
> command (same as before), I cannot see/export the results using
> "ecl_summary" anymore. It says "command not found". I have tried couple of
> things without success. Has the workflow for using this command totally
> changed between June and December? I will be very thankful if someone has a
> solution how the results can be exported in a simple text format... Thanks
> a lot. Ogi
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