[Opm] Cell Convergence Debugging

Alf Birger Rustad abir at equinor.com
Fri May 15 11:13:28 UTC 2020

Hi Tony,

Generally speaking, convergence issues are challenging regardless which simulator you are using. It is usually triggered by something in the data set. Hence, looking for culprits in the data set is a general advice.

If you want to keep the data set unchanged, and play with numerical tuning in Flow, there are some pit falls to be aware of. The first being the CPR is not really in a good shape yet. You will find activity to rectify that in active pull requests as we speak. While you can force Flow to read in and use the TUNING keyword, I advise against it. The numerics is different between Flow and Eclipse, so picking a few key parameters on the command line is in my experience a better approach. You can find one such selection of tuning parameters here (that have given very good results across a range of cases):


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I’m trying to find an equivalent to NEWTON=2 in the RPTSCHED schedule section for debugging cell convergence issues in the PRT.

I tried the command-line options with –cpr-solver-verbose but this wasn’t giving me what I wanted which looks something like this so I can identify the problem cells.

LINIT= 5 NSCHP= 6 NCHOP= 0 NSTAT1,2,3= 50 5400 0 NTRAN= 321 IT= 1 CNV CELL MAT BAL DPRESS DSWAT DSGAS OIL-1.99144( 5, 45, 1) 4.3D-02 -24.89 0.00026 -0.20000 WAT-0.16316( 2, 4, 4) -3.7D-06 -14.02 0.00490 0.00000 GAS********( 5, 45, 1) -3.1D-02 -24.89 0.00026 -0.20000

Any help would be great.


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