Open Porous Media

The Open Porous Media (OPM) initiative encourages open innovation and reproducible research for modeling and simulation of porous media processes.


OPM coordinates collaborative software development, maintains and distributes open-source software and open data sets, and seeks to ensure that these are available under a free license in a long-term perspective.

Current development is focused on CO2 sequestration and improved and enhanced oil recovery, but contributions aimed at different scientific or industrial fields in which flow in porous media play an important role are always welcome. More detailed information on how to contribute is available.

OPM software

Flow is a reservoir simulator for three-phase black-oil type problems using a fully-implicit formulation. Flow includes support for CO2 storage, thermal simulation, and provides extensions to the black-oil model such as polymer, solvent, or gas/water mixing. Flow can read and write standard industry formats. More information.

The Upscaling module contains programs that can do flow-based permeability upscaling as well as upscaling of relative permeability and capillary curves, using a steady-state approach. More information.

ResInsight is an easy-to use and fast visualization tool for reservoir simulation. More information.

The components can be used as a toolbox to create new or customise existing solvers and simulators. More information.

The OPM community

Our contact page shows who to contact for technical or business-related issues. Joining the mailing list is a good way to get in touch with the rest of the community. For the interested, we have a page on how to contribute to OPM.