Open datasets

Open datasets

We offer a number of datasets with an open license (the Open Database License), that can be used to validate and benchmark simulators and new computational methods.

The datasets are hosted on github, in the opm-data repository. To download all of them you may clone the repository:

git clone

If you do not have git, you may instead download a compressed archive. All data files are in the Eclipse input deck format.

List of datasets

  • norne: the full Norne benchmark case, a real field black-oil model for an oil field in the Norwegian Sea. The grid is a faulted corner-point grid, with heterogenous and anisotropic permeability. Features used include: dissolved gas, vaporized oil, transmissibility multipliers, pressure-dependent porosity and transmissibility, end-point scaling for relative permeability and capillary pressure, history-matching production well controls that change throughout the simulation schedule and more.
  • reduced_norne: the same grid and petrophysical properties as the full Norne case, but just a few wells and simpler fluid properties. Also some features such as transmissibility multipliers have been removed. This model is intended for testing with simpler simulators that do not support all features used in the full model.
  • SPE comparative solution project benchmarks:
    • spe1: A small gas-injection black-oil case requiring the dissolved gas (live oil) feature, it has two wells.
    • spe3: A small case requiring the vaporized oil feature (live gas).
    • spe9: A water-flooding black-oil case with some challenging property curves. It has 26 wells, for which controls change during the simulation time.
    • spe10model1: a small test case for upscaling.
    • spe10model2: a larger test case for upscaling, it has a cartesian grid with 1.122 million cells, and very heterogenous petrophysical properties. It is well-known as a tough problem. More information about these two cases is on the SPE site.
  • polymer_test_suite: a 2D case with black-oil and polymer injection.
  • solvent_test_suite: two small test cases for the solvent model, based on spe1 and spe9.