Downloading and installing

The recommended way of installing OPM for your platform is listed below. We recommend binary packages for users new to OPM, and building from source if you have special requirements.

Binary packages are updated regularly for (64 bit) Ubuntu and Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and for other platforms are supported either via source builds or through running a virtual machine.

Ubuntu 24.04 or 22.04 (binary packages)

Binary packages for Ubuntu are available under a personal package archive (PPA). Go to the Binary Packages page for detailed instructions.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 (binary packages)

Binary packages for RHEL 7 are available from an online package repository. Go to the Binary Packages page for detailed instructions.

Windows (binary packages under Virtualbox using Vagrant)

You can run OPM in Windows using a virtual machine, and keep using your existing windows toolchain. Go to the OPM in a virtual machine page for detailed instructions.

Windows (alternative approach)

Allan Katende has provided a recipe for installing OPM on Windows, it is available as a pdf document.

Generic Linux and Mac OS X (from source)

You can build OPM from source on a range of different Linux and Mac OS X platforms. If your platform is not mentioned above, this is the way to go. Details are found on the Compiling from source page.