How to contribute

We welcome contributions of all kinds to make Opm better and more useful! This can take any form: use case reports, documentation, bug reports, source code improvement or entirely new software modules.

Use case reports, figures and documentation

We are interested in your experience using OPM software to solve your problems! Please contact us if you have a successful use case, and we can add it to the gallery.

Bug reports, issues and feature requests

For this, we use the issue tracker of github. There is one such tracker per individual module, so where to report depends on the application:

Application Module Link
Flow opm-simulators Issue tracker
Cpchop (and other upscaling tools) opm-upscaling Issue tracker
ResInsight ResInsight Issue tracker

On the issue tracker page, click the “New Issue” button to report a problem.

For more general requests and questions, consider asking on the mailing list. Also you can use the list for bug reporting if you cannot identify which module contains the bug, or which one is most appropriate.

Contributing to the software suite

The preferred method of contributing bug fixes, documentation improvements or new features to the existing software is to use the pull request mechanism of github. We mostly follow the Fork & Pull model, meaning that you should fork the repository to your own github user and put your contributions there before asking us to pull you changes into the common repositories.

If your contribution is in a new field or is otherwise separate from the existing software, consider suggesting a new module. The best place to do so is on the mailing list.


These are the organizations that have contributed to OPM, with software development, financial support or both.

Financial contributors

Technical contributors