Dear OPM Users,

It is my pleasure to announce that the binary packages for the 2021.04 OPM release are now available for RHEL 7 and 8, as well as for Ubuntu 20.04 LTS (code name Focal Fossa) and Ubuntu 18.04 LTS (code name Bionic Beaver).  The Ubuntu packages may be downloaded from the OPM Project’s Personal Package Archive (ppa:opm/ppa).  If you have not already included this in your package sources, you can do so with the commands

sudo apt-add-repository ppa:opm/ppa
sudo apt-get update

Then you can install the simulator and its prerequisites using the command

sudo apt install libopm-simulators-bin

Alternatively, you can install opm via pip (https://pypi.org/project/opm/) using

pip install opm

I would also like to use the opportunity to thank all the contributors for their effort in improving the simulator.

Best Regards,

Tor Harald Sandve


Release notes 2021.04

The current release consists of some new features and various improvements and bug fixes. 

Highlights from the 2021.04 release is support for numerical aquifers, gas lift optimization, network models and support for diffusive flow.  

New features:

  • Gas lift optimization. With gas lift optimization enabled the simulator can allocate gas lift to wells and groups.
  • Numerical aquifers. Numerical aquifers allow for flexible and efficient inclusion of pressure support from adjacent aquifers.
  • Support for wells split between several process domains. This potentially gives better parallel grid partitioning. The well split is only implemented for standard wells.
  • Network option. Allows for cross well/group coupling through tubing head pressure.
  • Diffusion. Diffusive effects can optionally be included in the simulation.
  • WELPI-based scaling of a well’s connection transmissibility factors.
  • Three-point vertical scaling of relative permeability functions (keywords KRGR, KRORG, KRORW, and KRWR).
  • Support for well and group names with more than eight (8) characters in summary output.
  • Expanded possible actions in ACTIONX, including WELPI and UDQ updates.
  • Support for IMPORT keyword in GRID section.

Improvements and fixes:

  • Various fixes for thermal simulations
  • Fixes in the GCONINJE implementation
  • Support for aquifers in MPI runs
  • Fixes in the boundary setup when using the OPM specific BC keyword. 
  • Correct inclusion of the group efficiency for the top group level 
  • Improved convergence of the multi-segmented well equations. 
  • Various MPI related fixes. Avoiding dead-locks etc.