Flow manual for the 2023.10 release available

We are happy to announce that finally finished and published the manual for OPM Flow for the latest release: OPM Flow 2023-10.

The release notes are also available separately: OPM Flow release notes 2023.10.

This version along with older versions of the manual are available on the manual page.

This time this took a bit longer than usual. David Baxendale was responsible for the Manual and delivered great work from 2017 until 2023. He passed away last summer after a sudden and severe illness. Our thoughts are still with his wife and son. To honor him we dedicated the 2023-10 release of OPM-flow to him.

In September 2023, Matthew Goodfield took over the editing work of the manual. He was personally recommended by David and we are very thankful for that. Together with his colleagues from especially OPM-OP and NORCE (e.g. Håkon Hægland) we were able to split the manual into multiple libreoffice files stored as plain xml. Those are now available to the public under an open license in the opm-reference-manual github repository.