Module reorganization, upcoming release

We have recently made some significant changes to the module/repository organization of the OPM software:

  • Remove the module opm-porsol, moving the content of opm-porsol into opm-upscaling.
  • Rename the module dune-cornerpoint to opm-grid. For now the contents are unchanged, but we intend to move all grid-related code into opm-grid.
  • Rename the module opm-autodiff to opm-simulators. Contents are also here unchanged for now.
  • Create a new module opm-output, containing some parts that used to be in opm-core. Ongoing work related to comprehensive and flexible output facilities will be hosted here.

The web site information about the modules may be inaccurate for a little while. We are aiming for a new OPM release at the end of April, at that time everything should be up-to-date.