OPM release 2016.04

We are pleased to announce the availability of OPM release 2016.04. This is the first release this year, the previous release was 2015.10. The next release is expected to be 2016.10. Some features of the release include:

  • Further improved general performance for Flow, the fully implicit black-oil reservoir simulator.
  • Improvements to the extended versions of Flow: Flow-solvent handles more solvent effects and Flow-polymer has better performance.
  • Many of the upscaling programs have been cleaned up, and a few bugs have been fixed related to unit handling. Gravity is better handled in the relative permeability upscaling.
  • Major reorganization of modules, for more information see the updated modules page.

We’d like to thank all who played a part in the release, for finding bugs, posting issues, writing code, reviewing, testing and packaging.

Instructions for installation are found on our download page. Binary packages are available for Ubuntu and Red Hat Enterprise Linux, instructions are available for building from source for any Linux variant or Mac OS X.