Foam functionality in OPM Flow

An experimental foam module has been added to OPM Flow, and will be part of release 2019.10. With this it is possible to simulate certain types of surfactant injection. Such injection stimulates formation of foam to change mobility ratios, and give better reservoir sweep.

The implemented foam model treats surfactant transported in the gas phase, and reduces the mobility of that phase depending on the surfactant concentration. In addition to mobility reduction, adsorption to the reservoir rock is included in the model. To test the foam module use the keywords, FOAM, FOAMADS, FOAMMOB, FOAMROCK and WFOAM.

The model has not been tested on anything but artificial test cases so far, it is therefore likely to have omissions and bugs. If you try it out, please give us feedback by the mailinglist, github issues or direct email! A simple test case based on SPE1 has been added to the opm-tests repository, in the directory spe1_foam.