OPM release 2019.10

We are happy to announce the 2019.10 release of OPM. Binary Packages for Ubuntu 16.04 and 18.04 as well as Redhat Enterprise Linux 6 and 7. For further information please read the installation instructions

The former module ewoms of OPM has been renamed to opm-models in this release. Some of its directories have been renamed to reflect this (ewoms/blackoil -> opm/models/blackoil, ewoms/common -> opm/models/utils, ewoms/disc -> opm/models/discretization, ewoms/io -> opm/models/io, ewoms->parallel -> opm/models/parallel, ewoms/linear -> opm/simulators/linalg).

Further changes/improvements included in this release are:

  • Renaming / Restructuring
    • The namespace Ewoms has been renamed to Opm.
    • Most files/header that were located in directory opm/autodiff in opm-simulators have been moved to opm/simulators/aquifers, opm/simulators/linalg, opm/simulators/utils, or opm/simulators/wells depending on their content.
  • Additions
    • Support for additional keywords: ROCKCOMP keyword (water induced rock compaction), COMPDAT, UDQ, UDA, GRUP, FILLEPS.
    • Support for GOR checking for WECON.
    • Improved support for WTEST.
    • Support for one phase simulations.
    • Experimental support for driftCompensation (off by default, enable using –ecl-enable-drift-compensation=true).
    • Experimental support for foam module (keywords FOAM; FOAMADS, FOAMFSC, FOAMMOB, FOAMOPTS, FOAMROCK, WFOAM).
    • Many unsupported keywords are now listed as missing features (those starting with A – M, R, T, V, W, Z).
    • Write well potentials to restart files if needed.
    • Support different edge weights when loadbalancing (uniform, transmissibilities, log of transmissibilities).
    • Improved support for multisegment wells (now enabled by default).
    • Many new regression tests.
    • Added an experimental linear solver subsystem (including complex CPR solvers) that is configurable during runtime (not parallel, needs DUNE>=2.6).
    • Use refactored well implementation from opm-common.
    • Output NNCs in an Eclipse compliant manner.
    • Output several diagnostics when parsing a deck.
  • Fixes
    • Made dune-fem version information available
    • Restart values are only read once (twice before).
    • Fixed several bugs concerning restart.
    • Ebos now logs to *.PRT and *DBG files
    • Abort runs without reading the deck if command line parameters are incorrect.
    • Use grid region mapping from opm-grid.
    • Fixed negative thp values from extrapolation using VFP tables.
    • Logging from well testing is now in *.PRT and *.LOG files
    • Serveral fixes to multisegement well model.
    • *.INIT and *.GRID files are also output on restart.
    • Do not update RESV for prediction producers.
    • Output FPRP instead of ovewriting FPR values.
    • Always write transmissibilities between vertical neighbours to
      TRANZ (even for NNCs).
    • Support upcoming DUNE 2.7

Special thanks goes to everybody in the community for testing and
especially to Arne Morten Kvarving for preparing the binary  packages and discovering all mistakes by the release manager (Markus Blatt) in no time.