OPM Summit Oslo April 9-10, 2024


The 2024 Summit will be held at Meet Ullevål, at the Ullevål Stadium in Oslo, Norway. At the venue, take entrance D, and proceed to meeting room M6. How to get there.


Participation is open to all. Notify the local organizer, Atgeirr Flø Rasmussen, by email atgeirr.rasmussen@sintef.no if you have not yet been in contact.

Program, April 9

1000OPM Flow maintenance and support in EquinorEdel Reiso,
Alf Birger Rustad [Equinor]
1030Recent OPM developments at TNOPaul Egberts [TNO]
1130SPE 11 scripts and frameworkDavid L Marban [NORCE]
1200Running a 101 million cell case in OPM Flow [video]Kjetil Olsen Lye [SINTEF],
video by Olav Møyner [SINTEF]
1330The CuIstl framework and new GPU preconditionersTobias Meyer Andersen [SINTEF]
1400Local grid refinement in OPMAntonella Ritorto [OPM-OP]
1430Examples of OPM Flow usage at TNONegar Khoshnevis Gargar [TNO]
1530The PYACTION keywordLisa Julia Nebel [OPM-OP]
1600Recent improvement in OPM Flow well handlingStein Krogstad [SINTEF]
1630Open discussion
1900Social Dinner at “Helt Vilt” at Mathallen, Vulkan 5

Program, April 10

0900CCS functionality in OPM FlowAlf Birger Rustad [Equinor]
0930Machine learning module in OPMBirane Kane [NORCE]
1000Higher-Order methods in OPMAnna Kvashchuk [Equinor]
1100Taming a collaborative Reference ManualMarkus Blatt [OPM-OP],
Matthew Goodfield [OPM-OP],
Håkon Hægland [NORCE]
1130Geomechanics in OPM FlowHalvor Møll Nilsen [SINTEF]
1200Reservoir coupling in OPM FlowTorbjørn Skille,
Trygve Kløv [Equinor]
1330Automated parameter tuning with accuracy controlErik Sæternes [Simula]
1400ML based Newton preconditioners [PPTX with video]Antoine Lechevallier [NORCE]
1430Open discussionVegard Kippe [Equinor]
1500Nonlinear domain decomposition solver in OPM FlowAtgeirr Flø Rasmussen [SINTEF]
1530Discussion and break
1600Discussion and break